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Lana Grossa FILATI COLLEZIONE No. 4 - English Edition

август 2017

WELCOME BULKIES! Speedy knitting, textural intrigue and couture charm will make all your projects fun, fast and exciting. Gentle shades of cinnamon, chocolate, tea rose, olive and blood orange lend sophistication to oversized yet nevertheless fl attering knits. Cushy, chunky LALA BERLIN LOVELY is a dreamy blend of alpaca, Merino and cashmere that’s spun using our patented “Airtechnique”. LALA BERLIN FLUFFY’s confetti dots cavort on a background of wool, mohair and alpaca and is the perfect choice for funky, chunky knits. Loosely plied, light as air and bursting with color, COLORINO is proof that bigger is better. Can you spare 10 minutes? Why not whip up something hip and happening with ESTREMO on large needles. CURIOUS? Check out what we’ve put together for you.

EAN: 4033493225342

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Lana Grossa FILATI COLLEZIONE No. 4 - English Edition
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